6. This Is Your Answer WHY!

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You may have walked in darkness where shadows haunted you

But at the speed of sound you come to yourself

When The Light came crashing through.

You may have walked in shame and guilt but hid them with a smile

But suddenly the hope of His freedom came,

His love ripped your disguise off.

You may have just stopped at times in wonder at the journey you’ve walked on

And had that great lightbulb moment where

You found that you were never alone.

There were times you have been weakened by thoughts and convinced of untruth

But the One who is Love, loved you to wholeness until

You finally caught a glimpse of the real you.

Have you not realized by now your enemy the oppressor of your soul

The one who has come to hinder you

By schemes he continues to dole

He goes about imitating a lion as he steals, kills, and destroys

Ah, your adversary stops at nothing,

Deception he employs

Yet here you are still standing, after all he’s tried to deny

Because The Real LION of JUDAH has roared your destiny

This is your answer your why

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