7. Hip Bursitis

By Thomas J. Haverbush, M.D.

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Hip bursitis and its cousin tendinitis are among the most common Orthopaedic problems I treat. Ongoing pain around the hip that patients call arthritis often turns out to be something less serious.

Hip bursitis/tendinitis is an inflammation process that begins in the lateral or outer side of the upper thigh on the side of the hip. It affects the tissues not the inside ball and socket where arthritis occurs.

Painful Place

The source of hip bursitis/tendinitis pain is a fluid filled sac called a bursa. It acts as a little cushion between bones and tendons reducing friction during joint movement. When inflamed the bursa produces chronic aching pain (sometime acute) on the outer side of the hip. It is never in the front of the hip or the groin.

Some Causes of Bursitis

• Repeated physical activity

• Overuse of the joint

• Trauma to the side of the hip

• Hip arthritis

• Hip surgery

• Back trouble can cause it



• Prolonged car riding


As in everything I treat, a correct diagnosis is essential. Something more serious can be present that could be missed. If bursitis is correctly diagnosed, these are the treatments.

• Exercise that you can be taught by a physical therapist

• Advil, Motrin and others

• Ice, heat to the side of the hip

• Avoid direct pressure on the bursa for a few days

• Physical therapy

• Steroid injection that can sometimes be administered often gives rapid relief

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