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Ashley's Gift by Dianne Marie Andre

While Jenna struggles silently with guilt, her cousin Lily arrives to offer domestic help. Robert distrusts Lily, who has a police record, but Jenna insists she’s sincere. When Lily and precious belongings disappear, Jenna decides Robert deserves better and withdraws from his affections.

Ashley’s Gift is a story about the healing power of self-forgiveness and understanding; a glimpse of God’s grace in all our circumstances.....

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Pennies From Heaven by Barrie Lawrence

Money, Dosh, Dough. We all need it, but - how do we get it? This book tells you HOW! And having got it, what do we do with it?

Is it difficult to make ends meet? Are you on the edge of a financial abyss? Perhaps you really need a financial miracle. Barrie has been in all those places and more, and with Jesus as his supply, has come through.

The Bible has a lot to say about money, and Barrie has also learnt much from failure and success. Using Biblical principles and a wealth of personal illustrations, he shows you HOW you too, whilst avoiding the prosperity cult, can enjoy Biblical prosperity.....

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Inside My Special Box by Helena R. Chung

My Box of Butterflies... Their beauty takes my breath away,

Their colorful wings, and unique shapes,

it’s truly God’s work of art, I say! now

Ironclad Clay by Mark Wright

I hope you can relate to the story I am about to tell. It is called “The Good Samaritan and the Old Cracked Pot.” This story is God’s plan for redemption for all of lost humanity and it was told by the Master of Redemption himself, the Lord Jesus Christ....

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Touched & Transformed by Sally Van Wick

Millions of men and women are tormented by deep struggles, past suffering, and emotional pain, unable to find peace, true fulfillment and lasting satisfaction. Because of these unresolved heart-issues, many are prevented from living in the freedom and victory of Christ. The great news is that Jesus not only came to seek and to save the lost, but also to give an abundant life here on earth to all who will receive it. Touched and Transformed is a discipleship study for those who want to be made well by the power and presence of Jesus. During this nine-week study, you will be guided through compelling testimonies from the Bible and remarkable insights into the wondrous Names of God. You will learn of the unhindered freedom that comes only from a touch of the Holy Spirit and develop a deeper understanding of God’s healing, life-giving love. There is hope for the hurting. When Jesus touches you, every aspect of your life will be transformed! Jesus is willing, and He is calling out to you: “Do you want to be made well?”....

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Death Water by Tim White

Who bombed the sheriff's office in Sanderson, TX, killing the Sheriff and all but one of his deputies. How did Ted Kline, whose name has only been identified with failure, become the sheriff. And how will chasing the killers force him to confront the failures of his past?

After an unexpected tragedy, Ted Kline is thrown into a position that few believe him to be qualified. With the help of life-battered FBI agent, Kathleen McRae, and other law enforcement departments sent by the governor, Kline must wage war on enemies on the outside and the inside. A thrill-packed adventure with a high standard of morality, the first in the Ted Kline series is sure to get you hooked.

White’s second novel is an action-packed thriller that takes you into the darkness of the emotions of broken people and displays the redemption of now

Hells Hallways by Kimber Renee

Amber Lee was raised in a small country town known by the mail service as the bible belt. There was a time when she was a little girl that all of the Jesus and bible stuff gave her comfort. But experience and Pharisee’s ruined her little girl beliefs. It was just her and her mother. Her father walked out when she was two years old.......

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Spiritual Snacks by Sherrill Hetherington

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Catholic devotional called “Imitation of Christ”. Just like the “Imitation of Christ” the “one liners” are perfect for “snacking on” and provide thoughts for tweeting. When the one liner opens doors for further thought spiritual meals or maybe even grocery stores have been suggested for individuals and/or groups. An attitude of gratitude helps us to recognize our full potential in God’s very large everyday Kingdom........

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