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Preacher man, you talk the talk

But you do not walk the walk

Preacher I beseech

Practice what you preach

You will be sued

You put on a ruse

The worst kind

While you collect tithes

Coming to us with your cries

You lied

You crooked us

You stole from us

You had the nerve to call and ask for a favor

While all of these months my husband labors

To clean up the mess

That you Preacher created for us!!!!!

Coming with your sad, sad story

Of foreclosure

I have prayed Preacher that no blessings would come to you

Until you make this right

Your self-righteousness brings darkness instead of light

My spirit is left sore

While you continue to be a religious whore

You Preacher use God, making you the worst kind of all the dysfunction that this world pukes

You with your deceptive speeches, you spew

Do you not know the Bible?

Have you not heard?

That you Preacher will be held more accountable than others

Your “Title” presides

As you hide

Behind your pulpit of shame

You I blame

You Preacher are a walking shame

Prosperity will remain far from you

Until you make this right

Your whole deceived congregation can cry

In vain they cry

They have bought into your ruse

You Preacher brought this curse on you

This sin Preacher is your quicksand

I despise the deception posing as light

When the reality is Preacher, that you are darker than night

God is not blind

You foolish pretender

You wicked offender!

My rage spilled out onto this page

Is not enough for me

You Preacher are a deceptive seed

That needs choked out from your pulpit of greed

You messed with the wrong chick

I... Preacher am relentless

Nothing in your life will prosper and come to maturity

Until you Preacher take responsibility

For the stress and the pressures you have caused us

You self-righteous punk!

Nothing that you do will prosper or succeed

You will see

You made the bed that you are now lying in

With your greedy, wicked sin

Evil intentions

This is your religion!

This is all that you offer

You should be on your knees at the altar!

This is my rant of recent events that have sadly taken place in our lives. Don’t ever think that the “Devil” does not go to church. I have witnessed many. The greatest deception. When someone tells me they are a Preacher or even a Christian automatically I am cautious because my experience has been when someone feels the need to tell you what they are, instead of living it Be warned. I have been raised in and around religiosity and so I rage at it and call it out for what it is which is wicked, vain religion by a group of people who have no clue about the Bible or the God of which they claim to serve. This is the worst of the worst in my opinion, posers using God and church to con and manipulate others and in our case even steal from us. This particular Preacher costed us $23,000.00 He was suppose to be a HVAC guy who lied about having a license then he bought wrong units leaving us stuck with $4200.00 and we had to hire another HVAC guy and pay him so 23,000.00 later we are still trying to get our heads above water. This same Preacher had the nerve and ball sack to call my husband Friday not to say, I have some money for you NO this Preacher began to cry about his life and actually asked my husband if he knew where any work was REALLY? I was furious and this Preacher is the poster child of the world we live in today. Most people today are the victimizers and want to pose as the victims. Screw people over and then ask them for a favor now tell me is our world not suffering from delusion and a spirit of insanity? Church wake up! Just because you are a church and go to church does not mean that you are not accountable and should have people kiss your ass and do everything for free. It is time to grow up and face reality and if you do not know the Bible PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!!!!! This same Preacher would try and preach daily to my husband and then stole from us how sad is that witness!!!! Sadly he is not the first church to steal from us but I can promise you that he will be the last because I refuse to let my husband work for any other church. If you are gonna preach it then live it!!!! Either the church has an entitlement attitude so thick you would choke in it, or they don't want to pay, or worse steal from you thinking because they are “A Preacher” or “Church people” they have a reprieve!!!! This has been our experience and it will not be a future one I can guarantee you that!!!!!

By Kimber Renee

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