1. Mason's Breakfast- Project Graduation


(left to right): Lucas Lippert, Conner Riley, Kayleigh Claussen, Brayden Lefever, Misha Colburn, Evan Brittian, Trent Williamstein, Brianna Scoffield, Jordan Mawhirter, Seth Lugenbaum, Ethan Crawford

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Montabella Project Graduation Pancake Breakfast is another success!

EDMORE: March 10th marked another "2nd Sunday of the month", and also marked pancake breakfast time for the Edmore Masons and Order of the Eastern Stars.

With 265 meals served, this pancake breakfast would top all others because it was dedicated to the 2018-19 Montabella Project Graduation. Because of the extreme ice storm in February, this event had to be postponed for a month.

Coordinator, Tracey Warchuck's crew of 17 Senior students worked tirelessly to serve all-you-can-eat pancake breakfasts to their families and friends from the community.

Proceeds from the breakfast and cookie sales were donated by the Edmore Masons and Order of the Eastern Star, with additional matching funds coming from the Michigan Masons Charitable Foundation in Alma.

It's a great way for all of us in the community to share in the Seniors' final memorable days of high school.

A great thanks to all who attended!

Edmore Masons and Stars invite you to their next breakfast on Sunday, April 14th.

(left to right): JJ Conkus, Theresa Klump, Ethan Dove, Laura Keinholtz, Grant Estill, Sam Palmer


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