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Many of us grew up with this Disney recitation “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” A mirror shows us any flaws that we have but I want to put another spin on it. What if our mirrors could talk to us and only reminded us of the lovely things.

Maybe your mirror would say something like this….Give yourself a break. You are a sweet person with a compassionate heart. You have integrity in a world that does not even know what that means. You are passionate. You look younger than what you are. You are strong and not weak.

Most of our mirrors would say the opposite. What we focus on becomes larger. Our mirrors often lie to us and convince us that our reflections are rejected in some way or another. Babies never see themselves at first and yet we are their mirrors and we say how cute, beautiful and lovely they are. We mirror others by telling them what they look like and who they are. Lets be honest but lets also be willing to see the lovely. Dogs never see themselves and do not concern themselves with what they look like and yet we mirror them by constantly telling them how cute that they are and how awesome they are. My point is if we can do this with babies and dogs why cant we do this with everyone we meet.

Women can live off of one compliment for a month. Everyone needs to be reminded of the beauty they possess. It may be harder to find in some but we should look at them deeper, like a mirror. Not asking anyone to be naive and in denial I am just encouraging us to change our focus to the positive. I realize that a lot of people have “magic mirrors” and theirs create arrogance and many prideful attitudes. I am forever raging about the ugly world issues that disgust me and I probably always will but I also don't want to be out of balance and forget the lovely.

By Kimber Renee

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