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I thought it would be fun this week to introduce people to Kentucky slang and phrases. I love Kentucky it is a beautiful state. There are many different accents in Kentucky some thicker than others so here is a list for you.

Bless your heart: this is a phrase that is used almost daily along with bless your little old heart and bless your cotton pickin heart.

God love it or God love its heart: pretty explanatory

Say: I use this one quiet frequently. In Kentucky it is used when you ask someone something and they do not answer you we will respond with SAY.

Yonder: this term is before my time lol but it means its a way or sense of direction. If you are looking for something you can find it over yonder.

Mater: tomatoe

Taters: potatoes

Down the road a piece or up the road a piece again describing something or some place that is close.

Crick: creek

Holler: hollow

Dreckly means directly or right away. If someone is coming to visit you would say they will be here dreckly.

Y’all: referring to groups of people

A mess: I made a mess of beans today or I made a mess of green beans today.

Madder than an old wet hen

Cold as a well diggers ass

Ill jerk a knot in your tail

Meaner than a snake

If it was a snake it would have bit you this means: if you are looking for something and you did not see it when it was right under your nose or within your reach we would say this.

Nuttier than a fruit cake.

Aint hit a lick at a snake: been lazy or someone who is lazy.

Aint any count means: Its not good

Aint seen hide nor hair of em.

Cuttin a shine means: a baby throwing a fit or a child throwing a fit. My sister says this.

Strap on a feed bag means: hungry and ready to eat.

It was so good it makes me wanna slap my granny means: the meal was delicious.

Git: get.

Pitched a fit.

Whoop: whip

It runs like a scalded dog means; It runs fast.

I was just rarin: means ranting

A spread: means a meal

I hope that this entertained you and feel free to use any of this in honor of Kentucky. If you would like to share some slang from your corner of the universe I would enjoy it.

I love my state and have a lot of warm cozy memories like my Granny calling me and saying come up awhile I have salmon patties, buttered potatoes and hot kraut and the added bonus was a walnut cake. She always had a pot of brown beans on the stove. I use to get tickled at her because she would say wushing well instead of wishing well. Kentucky is a warm state with a lot of laid back people with an ability to greet with southern charm that makes you feel right at home.

By Kimber Renee

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