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This is an article I did when I first started writing for the Lakeview Times. My town recently had a huge drug bust and in light of the fact that this is still a pandemic I felt this was worthy to post again.........

Drugs, this is in almost every conversation. Everyone feels the sting of others stupid choices. Is there such a thing as zombies? Yes, they are the junkies and druggies. You need only to look at their pictures in the paper. You need only watch them walk down the street. I recently took my dog for a walk in town and there was a needle lying on the side walk. I will not take her on walks in town anymore thanks to the junkies! I rage about this senseless epidemic! I call it senseless because these people CHOSE, CHOSE, CHOSE to do this. I do not feel sympathy for these junkies. I feel sympathy for the families that suffer because of their poor choices. I feel sympathy for the elderly who can not even go to the ATM machine without being robbed of what they have worked hard for all of their lives! I feel sympathy for ALL of THE POOR CHILDREN who are victims of their parents choice to stick a needle in their arm or any other place that they can stick it. THEY ARE THE ZOMBIES of this present age! They look like the walking dead! They devour everything in sight just like zombies. They are void of emotions and rational thought. They do not care who they hurt. They only care to appease the beast in themselves. I am so disgusted at all of the big wigs in suits whose only defense against this is AWARENESS! I am so over-dosed on hearing the AWARENESS SPEECH! REALLY? Let me be the voice of the people and clarify that WE ARE VERY AWARE, IT IS EVERYWHERE WE LOOK! On our streets walking daylight till dark to find their fix. It is on TV, in our families. It is everywhere so we do not need another TIRED SPEECH about awareness. While there is big talk the list of drugs is growing.

We have a whole reality TV series called intervention that has been on the air for ten plus years. People are educated and know the consequence and do not care! LISTEN TO ME! If you want to wage war on this epidemic then start with TOUGH LOVE, STOP feeling sorry for them, giving them a license to continue to be a junkie. They feed off of sympathy, they are class A liars and manipulators. They will LIE, CHEAT and steal from their dead grandma to get what their body craves with absolute NO sympathy for their victims! Take every chemical and product to make this out of this world, I am sure it isn't anything we cannot live with-out! If you want to wage war on this problem then begin to OPEN your eyes and see these walking zombies for what they are, They are walking time bombs, they are a threat to all of society considering that they are not prejudiced in who THEY VICTIMIZE! The person they were before the drugs does not exist anymore. That person is dead and now they think and act and live for the entity called Heroin, meth, crack or pills adding Flakka and now race car fuel to the ever growing list. This is who they are! This is who they chose and choose to be! The only person I would feel sorry for is someone who was held down and forced to do drugs, other than that I am disgusted and outraged by them! THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO ROB THE INNOCENT! THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO PUT YOUR FAMILY THROUGH HELL! THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN FOR A TEN MINUTE HIGH! THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO GET IN A VEHICLE AND NOD OFF AND KILL A INNOCENT PERSON! THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO STAY A JUNKIE! IT IS THEIR CHOICE and I WILL NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEM!

This has nothing to do with being compassionate, I am the most compassionate person you will meet. This is being a realist! If you want to feel sorry for someone the world is not lacking genuine cases that deserve it, but...This is not one of those cases. It is gonna take radical action to get this problem under control. Take out the gun-man already which means every product that is used to make all of this! It is not FAIR that WE (those of us who choose to live a good life) should suffer because of these walking dead! They choose to do drugs and then expect everyone to pity them. They take no ownership or responsibility! This is their con, playing on everyone's emotions, boo hoo I intentionally stuck a needle in my arm, boo hoo I intentionally snorted a pill or abused medication, but please feel sorry for me so I can continue to be a junkie, but whatever you do don't blame me just keep bailing me out, keep paying my bills, keep calling it a disease, keep living in fear of getting the call that I am dead, keep worrying your life away while I am in a corner sloped over drooling on myself high as groceries. LET ME BE CLEAR I DO NOT CARE WHAT MEDICAL PEOPLE SAY, YOU CATCH A DISEASE, THEY CHOSE TO DO DRUGS!!!! That statement that “its a disease” is the most ignorant statement and whoever invented it should be ashamed. While you are regurgitating such ignorance the junkie is filling up there needle once again. Your sympathy enables them! There is an island called Povelia and back in the day during the bubonic plague they dropped off all of the infected and left them there( let us remember those poor people did not choose the plague). I think this is what needs done for all of these junkies and addicts. Take them and drop them off on an island and protect society. Let me clarify, I am not saying drop them off to die like the plague victims, I am saying leave them there for a couple years away from society and absolute no drugs so they have no choice but to get clean. Prison does not fix them as I said drugs are everywhere including prisons. If this were the punishment believe me people would be busting through rehab doors begging for help! HELP IS AVAILABLE and they CHOOSE TO NOT TAKE IT! WE need to take radical action! I have been around drug addicts all of my life so I am not talking out of ignorance, I am talking wisdom! I do not need to read a book or go to a seminar I have had first hand experience! Ask a reformed drug addict if…. you can find one and they will be honest and tell you that I am right. The druggies always have a sad sob story well, GET OVER IT WE ALL HAVE HAD BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO US! If I cant do anything except raise my voice I will. This is only one of many rants that I have about the troubling world that we live in. Again, EXCUSES BREED IGNORANCE!

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