11. Hole in One - with Carey Erichson

How far does the average golfer hit the ball? Actually not as far as you may think. Distance will vary a bit with the size and age of the golfer. The averages don't vary much from How many of you have had a hole in one? I can readily guess, very few. There is no talent in getting a hole in one, it is strictly luck. I hit the ball as straight as anyone so when I line up with the hole, God only knows where it is going. I have had two holes in one and my older sister has had three. She held that over my head her whole life.

We used to play a lot of golf together when we were kids at our cabin at Lake Tahoe. Our parents and their friends were always having extended cocktail hours and burning the B-B-Q Chicken, so my sister and I went out on the course and played 5 – 6 holes waiting to get feed burnt chicken.

By hitting a straight ball I have come close many many times, but---- it did not go in. I have won many closest to the hole contests ranging from some within an inch and the rest at around 2 – 3 inches. But close only counts in Horseshoes.

When you are shooting on a par 3 and there is water in front of the green, you want to hit it past the pin to be sure you clear the water. When there is no water in play, you want to hit the ball short of the pin and roll it up to the flag. When you hit it past the pin you want to put backspin on the ball so it will roll back to the flag. How many high handicap golfers know how to put back spin on the ball? Not many, if any, and I won't attempt to explain it in this column.



Because most golfer can reach the par 3 greens it really comes down to putting for a good score. All golfers should be able to par a 3 par fairway. One stroke to the green and two putts. Practice getting your first putt within the 3 foot ring you hear so much about. On long putts just lag it up to the 3 foot ring, don't try and sink it and you will most likely make a par.

But ---- always try for that hole in one. It is a thrill of a lifetime and very expensive at the 19th hole!!

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